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Fit Mini Yoga Shorts

3 reviews

$ 32.00


If you’ve checked out your bod in a pair of bestselling Mini Fit Shorts, chances are you’re dying for more shades to round out your active wear wardrobe. The good news? The Fit Mini Shorts are now available in a range of solid shades: coral, fuchsia, fire engine red, and sparkling white. Like all of our Mini Fit Shorts, they come in two lengths – 1.5” for when you want to bare it all in photoshoots, and 3” for everyday coverage.

Zeudy’s Take: We love getting feedback from our customers! So many of you have asked for more colors of these awesome shorts and I’m happy to say we’ve delivered.
Are we missing your favorite color? Contact us and let us know!

Fabric Benefits:
Shrink and wrinkle resistant with a cottony soft comfort.
Fully Breathable
Hold their Shape
Composition: Supplex Lycra 90% Nylon 10%
Fabric care: Machine Wash-Turn Inside Out.
Made with love in the USA