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  • Barbell Dumbbell Fitness Necklace
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Barbell Dumbbell Necklace

11 reviews

$ 20.00


Affitnity's Barbell Dumbbell Necklace is a trendy and versatile necklace that can complete the look of any outfit, whatever your style may be!


  • Channel your inner strength even when you’re not in the gym with this cute Stronger Than Yesterday Barbell Dumbbell Necklace. This necklace is the perfect reminder of how strong you’ve become, this is a great gift idea for when you hit your fitness goals.
  • Stay inspired with the Stronger than Yesterday Barbell Dumbbell Necklace, an effortlessly fierce necklace that lets the world know your passion for health and fitness
  • Made of stainless steel, this eco-friendly necklace is as durable as stylish and trendy.
  • This versatile necklace can complete the look of any outfit, whatever your style may be
  • With a 19 1/2 “ chain length, the beauty of the necklace won’t get in your way as you work out.
  • The Stronger than yesterday charm has a 1” circumference and is 1/8” thick