Affitnity Ambassadors


Meet the incredible women who are the Affitnity brand ambassadors. Here at Affitnity, we believe in women who are strong and we believe that strong is beautiful. These women represent that core belief perfectly. They are mothers, businesswomen, and fitness gurus. They are passionate about fitness, style, and are always pursuing their dreams. 

Affitnity is dedicated to the women who love fitness, style, and living their best, healthiest lives. Our brand ambassadors have an unstoppable desire to motivate and inspire those around them to live healthy, active lives and we couldn’t be more inspired by them. They are confident, strong, and beautiful. Affitnity is proud to be represented by these dynamic, stunning ladies. 

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Lizzie Dollinger has some good motivation for staying fit. She wants to be a good role model for her kids and an inspiration to women everywhere! Lizzie is sincere, a self-proclaimed dork, a loving mom, and is persistent in her pursuit for fitness.

Her three go-to fitness moves? Hip thrusts for a strong booty, lat pull downs for a strong back, and Zottman curls for looking totally badass! 

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Petite, persistant, and passionate. If you want to get to know Brittany Just, that’s what you should know first! She absolutely loves traveling, but Brittany feels most at home when she’s hitting the gym or the pavement and getting fit!

Her favorite fitness moves? Lunges, step ups, and glute bridges — for Britt, it’s all about the booty!

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Fitness isn’t just a hobby for Demi Eliese. It’s a state of mind. As a personal trainer and former Marine, Demi shares her love and passion for being both physically strong and mentally strong with her clients. She's a total inspiration!

Her three favorite fitness moves? Squats, push-ups, and deadlifts!

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Alice Leigh Brack is a pole dance instructor and yogi who loves inspiring others through fitness. She loves the confidence pole fitness brings! Alice Leigh stays motivated by always looking to become the best version of herself she can be for herself and her son.

Her fave moves to get toned? Bridge lifts, leg lifts, and of course squats because who doesn’t love seeing those results!

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Marlee Koob is a fitness competitor, personal trainer, and a mom. And she owns her own gym — she knows how to do it all! She loves being an inspiration for other’s on their fitness journey and motivating women to live healthy lives!

Marlee loves moves that incorporate a lot of muscles at once. Her favorites? Squats, deadlifts, and pull ups! 

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If you are interested in becoming an ambassador, apply here >> become a fitness ambassador

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