Affitnity Active Fit Box F. A. Q.

F. A. Q.

How does the box work?

It’s easy! Affitnity will email you what exclusive pieces are in the that month’s box, you place your order and voila! Your box will be delivered straight to your front door!

When will my box be delivered?
You have until the end of the month to order that outfit. Your outfit will be shipped on the first ten days of the following month.

Which brands do you work with?
We work directly with the manufacturers. All of our clothes are made right here in the U.S. so we can monitor quality, adapt to new trends quickly, and get you new styles faster.

What if I don’t like that month’s outfit?
No worries! You can choose to skip that month and you will not be charged for the outfit. 

What sizes do you offer?
Affitnity comes in sizes extra-small, small, medium, and large. Take a peek at our sizing chart for more info. 

How much is shipping?
Shipping is $7.99 for US orders and $19.99 for international orders.

What is the exchange/return policy?
If something doesn’t fit right, we gladly accept returns to exchange it for a new size. Affitnity will cover shipping both ways to make things even more hassle-free. 

If I’m a new subscriber and want to order a previous months outfit, can I order it?
Each outfit is exclusive to that month.

Still have questions? 

Email us at
Size Chart

 AFFITNITY is the perfect fusion of softness, stretch, and support.  It truly compliments the body with its hugging fit!

BUST   30 - 34"   36 - 38"   36 - 38"
CUP SIZE     A - C     C - D    D - DD
 FIT A SIZE   0 - 4    6 - 10

  10 - 14 

NOTE: Some of our sports bras are padded and some are not.  It is usually indicated in the descriptions.  Please send us a message if you have any additional question :)



You will be amazed at the stretch; excellent support and soft, natural feel of our fabrics!