About Zeudy Mars - Founder at Affitnity

Affitnity is a design concept fifteen years in the making. Designer and founder Zeudy Mars has been dreaming up stylish activewear for her friends and crafting couture wedding gowns since high school. Since then, Zeudy has taken her love of fashion and her belief that the right fitness wardrobe can help motivate you to work that much harder to create Affitnity.

When she’s not researching trends or creating new styles for Affitnity, Zeudy has been known to lend a styling hand to some of the fitness industry’s leading publications and personalities. Her singular approach to developing a line of activewear that is both fun to wear and absolutely functional has earned her a loyal following within the fitness community and most importantly, our customers. Zeudy’s goal is to help you look your best while you work toward being your best. Keep an eye out for ‘Zeudy’s Take’ throughout the site to get some insider insight on Zeudy’s design inspirations!  

Zeudy Mars

Size Chart

 AFFITNITY is the perfect fusion between softness, stretch and support.  It truly compliments the body with its hugging fit!


BUST   31 - 33"   34 - 36"   36 - 38"
CUP SIZE     A - B     B - C    C - D/DD
 FIT A SIZE   0 - 4    4 - 6   8 - 10



We use Supplex® Lycra for most of our garments.


What is Supplex® Lycra? Consumers everywhere like the look and feel of cotton garments. However, they tend to crease, shrink and colors fade. Supplex® Lycra combines the traditional appeal of cotton with the benefits of modern fiber technology.

It is as strong as it is soft.Besides giving comfort while exercising, it facilitates the skin’s natural breathing process and will not wrinkle, shrink or fade.


What is so wonderful about the Supplex® fabric is its fusion of softness and stretch. You will be amazed at the stretch, excellent support and soft, natural feel that is designed to be comfortable while wicking moisture away from the body. It is for all shapes and sizes and truly compliments the body with its hugging fit.

You will be amazed at the stretch; excellent support and soft, natural feel that Supplex Lycra offers.