Pole Wear by Affitnity

We are so excited to introduce to you our new  Pole Wear collection by Affitnity.  The newest line of cute sports bras and shorts that are the perfect choice for pole fitness and pole classes. Twist and turn, spin, climb, and invert to your heart’s content without a single worry. Affinity’s cute pole wear promises exceptional coverage and support in every piece of clothing sold. The unique designs are made special to allow for maximum skin exposure so you can achieve an optimal grip on the pole. 

Affitnity’s trendy pole clothes are made with style, performance, and comfort in mind so you can feel your best as you look your best in any pole class. Feel sexy and confident every time you learn a new move or routine with all the different styles and colors Affitnity offers. Give off serious bombshell vibes with Affitnity’s trendy and beautiful pole wear collection.

Black Mini Gym Shorts

$ 34.00

Fit Chic Shorts

$ 38.00

Fit Mini Yoga Shorts

$ 32.00

Fit Shorts

$ 36.00

Mesh Pole Dance Shorts

$ 19.99
$ 44.00

Mesh Sports Bra

$ 46.00

One Shoulder Sports Bra

$ 48.00