The Secret to Success for Starting Your Fitness Brand

May 22, 2018

The Secret to Success for Starting Your Fitness Brand

Fitness is more than just women looking to get healthy, get fit, and get strong.

Fitness is a community. It’s a tribe.

It’s a lifestyle filled with dedicated, hardworking ladies looking to support and motivate each other as they pursue their own personal goals. Through all the sweat, the early morning workouts, careful meal prepping, and proud progress pictures, the fitness community is a support system dedicate to spreading the positive vibes and inspiring attitude to everyone.

And if you’re looking to explore how to make fitness more than just a hobby – if you want to make it a business – there is one place you need to know to go.

Fitposium is the must-attend fitness seminar of the year for anyone interested in turning fitness a successful, profitable brand.

Whether you’re interested in fitness modeling, starting a workout program series, or building a fitness lifestyle brand, Fitposium shows you how to do it all. It’s a three day conference taking place this October 5-7 in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona.

Fitposium has three main goals it teaches attendees. These three goals are how-to:

  1. Establish your brand
  2. Market your brand
  3. Profit from your brand

Over the course of the weekend, there will be a vendor fitness expo, magazine and commercial casting calls, in-depth workshop classes, networking mixers, discussions led by industry professionals, portfolio reviews, receptions, and more. It’s a top to bottom seminar filled with absolutely everything you need to know about building your fitness brand for success.

The networking opportunities at Fitposium for all aspiring fitness models and entrepreneurs are invaluable.

Top fitness gurus and industry experts reveal their tried and true secrets on how to succeed in the fitness industry. They will share with you how to market yourself as a fitness brand, network and communicate effectively to the right contacts, stand out to magazines, develop lasting business relationships, and of course, how to be profitable in your fitness dreams. 

This year’s lineup of speakers include:

  • Callie Bundy: Editor-in-Chief of, fitness model guru, TV host, and has appeared on ESPN
  • Lisa Simone Richards: PR & Visibility Strategist extraordinaire who will share the tricks to getting your name and brand out to the public
  • Karey Northington: Owner of Northington Fitness and Nutrition and published fitness cover model
  • And so many more!

Affitnity has had a presence at Fitposium since the beginning. Founder Zeudy Mars has loved meeting and connecting with so many like-minded women who are as dedicated to building healthy lives and successful fitness brands as her.

"The best part was to meet my customers and be around other inspiring female entrepreneurs," said Zeudy. "I was part of casting call and it was super hard to choose only 1 person to do a photoshoot for Affitnity.  My photoshoot experience with James was amazing then I was super excited to be featured."

Affitnity has hosted fitness photoshoots with Fitposium founder James Patrick with women discovered at Fitposium. Those photos have gone on to been featured on Max Sports Magazine.

Fitposium is the launching pad for any woman looking to start and grow her fitness brand into a self-made success.

If you’re looking to expand your fitness profile, Fitposium is for you.You'll need to be ready to learn from the best in the business.

For more information on how Fitposium can benefit your fitness brand and to register, visit

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