Strong Is the New Beautiful

April 01, 2017

Strong Is the New Beautiful

Why the “Strong is the New Beautiful” Movement is so Important

Magazines and movies and the media have been teaching girls for decades that there is an extremely slim window of what beautiful looks like and they should strive to fit into that mold. They’ve been taught that the way their body looks is more important than how their bodies feel. These girls grow up but the pressure to look perfect remains. Fad diets promise instant weight loss and articles guarantee that three easy steps will give you a flatter stomach and a happier life. 

But these schemes haven’t held onto their end of the bargain. Search for a statistic on the percentage of women and girls with low self-esteem and Google will pull up a number of different sites with a number of different stats. Now try pulling up the number of women who suffer from depression, obesity, and eating disorders.  All of them are too high and too damaging.

There is a growing movement looking to combat this trend. Women are fighting back and are taking back control over the way they’re allowed to feel about their bodies. They have a new mission. Living active lifestyles with the goal of being strong and healthy instead of an unattainable number on a scale. No more are women listening to the idea that they need to work out in order to be thin instead of working out to be strong. No more hiding on the elliptical instead of venturing over to the weight racks. These women are helping to give the gift of a healthy, positive self-body image to the new generation.  

Strong Is Beautiful

If you check out the fitness tag on Instagram, you’ll find hundreds and hundreds of awe-inspiring women working out and getting in shape, all the while empowering their combined millions of followers to get fit, healthy, and strong. They’re doing their part in fighting the myth that working out makes you look “too bulky”. Working out makes you strong.  Women are embracing being strong, joining Crossfit, powerlifting and fitness competitions in droves. Having muscles doesn’t make you look any less of a woman or any less feminine. They make you look strong. 

Healthy role models are stepping into the spotlight. The September issue of Self features tennis legend Serena Williams on the cover along with the huge headline that reads “Strong is Sexy.”  Williams has been criticized for far too long for looking “too manly." Williams fired back with winning tournament after tournament, being number one in the world for a total of 309 weeks. She couldn’t be the tennis champion she is without having muscles or without being strong. Gymnasts Simone Biles and Laurie Hernandez have killer six-packs and Olympic gold medals to prove you can be strong and accomplish amazing feats at the same time.

But the best thing that the strength movement has taught us is that being healthy and taking care of ourselves is true beauty. It’s time to teach girls that being strong is beautiful. To have a fierce work ethic. Stay humble, but hungry for success.  Do not be afraid to be strong because strong is beautiful. 

Women’s bodies do amazing things everyday and it is time to rightfully celebrate that strength. Too many girls have low self esteem and a negative body image because of what they compare themselves to. Let's stop that! We need more women and brands that encourage strength, inner beauty, and put the emphasis back on self-growth, positivity, and motivation instead of negative and unhealthy goals.

Would love to hear your thoughts about this topic.  Please comment below and let us know :)

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