How to Dress for your Fitness Photoshoot

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How to Dress for your Fitness Photoshoot

You finally did it.

You spent weeks working out with a sweaty vengeance. You ate clean and healthy, counting macros while it felt like everyone else was counting fries. You put in all this hard work and you finally booked your first fitness photoshoot. Or you might have booked your tenth fitness photoshoot.

Either way, no matter where you fall on the experience level,  picking out the activewear you’ll wear at your shoot never gets any easier.

Here’s what your clothing for a fitness photoshoot should do:

  • Make you stand out
  • Flatter your body
  • Accentuate your best features

You’ve worked hard for your body - a fitness photoshoot is the perfect time to show it off! Avoid wearing too tight clothing that will leave red indentation marks on your skin or give you any unflattering muffin top.

Make sure you bring a few outfits so you can get different shots.

Not only will this give your portfolio some diversity but it will make the photos last “longer”. If people see pictures with the same outfit, they’ll get bored because they’ll think they’re looking at the same thing.

Here’s your basic how to guide on picking out the best activewear for your body to get the most out of your fitness photoshoot.

To wear color or not to wear color?

Everyone has had the days where you show up the gym decked in head to toe black because let’s face it, you’re a badass. It helps you put your game face on, hit the weights, and get to work.

But...when it comes to your fitness photoshoot, try to resist the temptation of wearing all black. Black can look sexy and hardcore, but in the end, color is going to be your friend. It can help you stand out, make you pop out of the photos, and draw the eye to you. Choose bright colors that flatter your skin tone and face.

How to Choose a Sports Bra:

Sports bras can give you the most freedom to show off your unique flair. The design of sports bras has really evolved over the years from the basic boring racerback to being ultra stylish. Choose one that has interesting lines, fun straps, cool cutouts...the list goes on! Here are some of our faves to give you some serious inspo:

How to Choose your Shorts & Leggings:

In a fitness photoshoot, you want to typically show off your body, not cover it up. For that reason, shorts are usually recommended over ankle length leggings. Not to say you can’t bring some to wear. You want your legs to look lean and long.

  • Avoid too tight bottoms to steer clear of muffin top.
  • With fit shorts, you want to look for ones that accentuate and flatter your waist. Some of our favorites have slightly tapered ‘V’ waistbands that do just that.
  • If you are going to wear leggings, you have options. Cropped leggings can emphasize toned calves. Leggings with cool mesh panels and inserts can show off some skin with style.

Here are some of our favorite shorts and leggings for fitness photoshoots: (Bonus! Some of these come in two lengths 1.5” and 3” inseams so you can find your perfect fit!)

Shop the looks posted above at

What are your best tips for choosing fitness clothes for your fitness photoshoot? Share in the comments below! :)

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