What to wear to Yoga

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What to wear to Yoga

What to Wear to Yoga

In theory, yoga should be on the of the most minimalist fitness activities out there: just you, your body and a clear mind. Many of the pieces of equipment we associate with yoga aren’t entirely necessary – you could just as easily go through a few sun salutations in a hotel room or on the beach as you could on a mat. Even blocks and straps – while useful for those among us that just aren’t that flexible – can be skipped over in favor of just trying your best.

But what about what to wear to yoga? Based on what I just said, it’s tempting to simply throw on your rattiest pair of leggings and an old tee and get going into downward facing dog. Of course, once you get there, you may quickly realize that your yoga ensemble is not as worthy as your warrior pose. There are a number of factors that should go into deciding what to wear during yoga, and I’ve captured my pro tips for you:

Stretch – Yoga is sort of like a beginner version of contortionism. With your body twisting and turning every which way, you need clothes that have a bit of stretch and can move with you. The actual cut matters too: long sleeves, thick straps, and high backs can make you feel restricted. A spaghetti strap top like our spider back sports bra gives you plenty of freedom for even the toughest poses.

Spider Back Sports Bra

Breathe – Many people aren’t aware of the benefits of performance fabrics. All of Affitnity’s clothes, for example, are made with a moisture-wicking fabric that also provides tons of easy care benefits (like no shrinking or color fading!) Why should you care about moisture wicking? When your body is heating up during a yoga practice, it’s also sweating in an attempt to cool your body down. Performance fabrics aid in this process, taking sweat off your skin to actually keep you cooler and prevent chafing. Natural fabrics like cotton, unfortunately, actually just absorb your sweat – making you warmer and let’s be honest, smellier.

Flow – What you wear to the gym for other activities may not be what to wear to yoga. The reason? Many fabrics will ride or bunch up during the bends, twists and poses you’re doing. When you’re locked into a particularly complex pose and trying to clear your mind, you won’t want to be constantly pulling down your top or readjusting the waistband of your pants. While some women prefer a loosely fitted top over a body-skimming one, a slim cut pair of shorts or leggings like our Yoga Mesh Leggings is key for maximum mobility with minimum distractions.

Relax – A big part of yoga is about getting into a particular mental state where you’re able to push away outside disruptions and influences. Feeling comfortable in what you’re wearing is key to allowing you to focus. Whether you’re concerned about how a piece flatters you or provides enough coverage or you simply want to make sure your outfit isn’t going to start feeling tight or awkward, try on what you’re going to wear before you pack it in your yoga bag. In fact, most yoga gear is so comfortable and versatile, you should be able to wear it to and from the studio.

What’s your favorite yoga outfit? Tell me in the comments below! 


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