5 Tips To Help You Stay Motivated to Workout

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5 Tips To Help You Stay Motivated to Workout

5 Tips To Helps You Stay Motivated to Workout

The simple reality is, everyone has a day where they don't feel like working out. The excuses are endless - maybe you had a bad sleep, or a tough day at work. Maybe you've got a million things on your plate. Or maybe you simply just aren't feeling it. But think about every workout you've done. Have you ever regretted it? Probably not. The trick is to push past those roadblocks - mental or otherwise - and get in gear. 

Here are five tips to keep you motivated to work up a sweat, no matter what else is going on in your life.

1. Switch up your regime. If you're doing the same workout every day, it can feel like a grind. The good news is, it's a snap to switch up how you get fit. Even a simple shift like adding some new moves or taking a different running route can be enough to make the mundane feel exciting again. Want a total 180? Try taking a new fitness class or a different activity altogether - if you're normally pounding it out on the treadmill, go for a swim to get a great cardio workout in.

2. Create (and update!) a workout playlist. Studies have shown that music is a great motivator - listening to a favorite song can distract you from the burn, making your workout fly by. In fact, research has proven that people are driven to match their movements to the beat, so even when you're reaching exhaustion, your body will still push ahead. Add your highest energy tracks to a playlist and look up ideas for other inspirational songs to keep things fresh.

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3. Indulge in a new or favorite outfit. When you look good, you feel good. On the days when you're not feeling the workout vibe, pull on your brightest and cutest workout outfit - putting your tank and shorts on means you're already halfway to getting to the gym. You can also make buying a new outfit a motivational goal - tally how many workouts you complete in a month and reward yourself with a cute new top or pants.   Affitnity cute workout clothes are a great choice!

4. Get a caffeine buzz. Working out helps release energy-boosting endorphins, but if you need to kick start your energy levels before hitting the gym, try a shot of espresso or a cup of green tea. Studies have shown caffeine can help increase your focus and drive, and can even help increase your fat burning potential.

5. Buddy up. It's been said time and again that hitting your fitness goals is easier when you've got a friend working up a sweat beside you. Teaming up with a friend or family member makes it that much harder to skip a gym class or neighborhood run - plus the social aspect helps you actually look forward to getting together and motivating one another to stick with it.

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Ultimately, if you can identify what your blocks are when it comes to working out, you can also find a way to master them. Feeling too busy? Commit to a regularly scheduled class - by making it routine, you'll make it a priority. Tired or burnt out? Choose workouts that will either help you unwind, like yoga, or ones that will help drive up your energy, like an intense spin class. And if you're truly not in the mood to workout, try this trick. Put on a timer for fifteen minutes and start the activity of your choice. If you're not feeling the slightest bit better when the timer's up, then call it a day. You've always got tomorrow to start fresh.

Motivating yourself can be a challenge, even for the most seasoned pros. I created Affitnity to be a functional and fun part of your fitness regime. I know that a piece of fitness clothing that doesn't fit right can definitely throw me off my game. But a brightly colored sports bra or fun printed pair of pants can make me feel amazing.

Here is a quick printable!  Put it on your fridge and stay motivated :)

Tips To Helps You Stay Motivated to workout


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