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Fit After 40 - Rhonda Seward

1. What is your name and age?
Rhonda Seward Age 48

2. What inspired you to get fit?
I have always wanted to compete in a fitness, competition since college. My husband is a physical, therapist and has always led us in a healthy, lifestyle, however, it was when I worked for 2 years as a banker with many elderly, people. Many who were just deteriorating and some dying right before my eyes, I knew I had to actively, pursue health. Some were poor and some were rich. However, it didn't matter their bank account status when their health failed.

3. What keeps you motivated to live the healthy life?
My only son is 13 years old. Again, I am 48. I want to be alive and healthy, to see him graduate, college, get married, grandchildren, all those milestones. I have to be an example to him and be here for him. That means, taking care of my body. I also became a Certified Personal Trainer during my 10 month journey to my first, figure competition at age 48. My service is to teach women how to eat, and train healthy.

Fit after 40

4. How do you balance life, work, training and family?
You don't. You just have to do it! When you are getting healthy, it takes effort. Too many people expect it to be easy. Just like an important project at work or a career advance, you must be just as focused about your health. Having a spouse who is health-minded is definitely 50% of the battle. However, you can't make it an option in your life, it has to be a necessity and you must make it happen and know there will always be obstacles. Overcome them daily.

5. What is your favorite body part to exercise?
My legs. They are strong and shapely.

6. If you had to pick three key exercises - what would they be and why?
Lunges, squats, and leg presses. Those big, muscles burn so much more in your bottom half and strengthens your core (so your abs are engaged as well).

7. What is your favorite cheat “treat”?
Strawberry crepes at IHOP.

8. Anything else you would like us to know?
Yes, I would like to encourage women to know that the body that God gave them is "perfect" for them. They just have to take care of it on purpose. The same way they love their children, spouse, etc. If you love them so much, take care of yourself so that you can be there for them. Don't allow a job to sacrifice your health. It is not worth it. Know that it will be hard. It will not be easy. Stop expecting that and you will have less frustration as you make it happen.

I’m thrilled to feature Rhonda on Fit Girl Corner and share her inspiring fitness journey with all of you! For more bursts of fitspiration to brighten your day, be sure to come back soon to check out our next Feature Fit Girl.

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Fit After 40

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