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Fit Girl Corner

  • Dana Tindal: A Role Model

    Posted on January 17 2017


    Dana Tindal: A Role Model

    Being a role model is the best motivation to stay fit - just ask Dana! Dana finds inspiration to compete and live a healthy, active lifestyle not just for the obvious health benefits, but to also inspire others on their own fitness journey!

  • Na’iyma Thompson: Like Mother, Like Daughter

    Posted on November 03 2016

    Na’iyma Thompson: Like Mother, Like Daughter

    Growing up, Na’iyma learned the importance of living the fit life and eating right from her mother. This inspired her to take her passion for fitness and lifting heavy to the next level by becoming a national level bikini athlete.

  • Lauren Fox: Warrior Girl

    Posted on October 17 2016

    Lauren Fox: Warrior Girl

    No one knows the meaning of “no pain, no gain” like Lauren does. No matter what obstacles life throws her way, she’s found that fitness, leg day, and cheat treats helps her keep a shining, positive attitude!

  • The Fitness Competition Guru - Tara Thatcher

    Posted on September 13 2016

    The Fitness Competition Guru - Tara Thatcher
    She founded a company to help teach women everything they need to know about the world of competing. Here’s what she has to say about her own journey to being fit, how to deal with body issues, and her favorite cheat treat!
  • Sarah: The Balancing Act

    Posted on July 27 2016

    Sarah: The Balancing Act
    It takes a certain amount of skill to juggle being a full time Registered Nurse, having a social life, and staying physically fit. Sarah’s key to success? Balance. She says listening to what your body needs is the key to being happy and healthy!
  • Jennifer: A Real Life Superhero

    Posted on July 01 2016


    Jennifer: A Real Life Superhero
    With 12 hours shifts and being responsible for taking care of the sickest people in the hospital, it’s easy to feel drained at the end of the day. Not Jennifer though. She maintains her positive attitude and high energy thanks to her three favorite things - staying fit, eating right, and lifting heavy!
  • The Captain of Her Own Life

    Posted on June 01 2016

    The Captain of Her Own Life
    After years of not being happy with her body, Kristine decided to take matters into her own hands. She made fitness a priority after reading a book that inspired her to change her life for the better. Now she works out 6-7 times a week, has amazing self-confidence and a rockin’ body! She’s a total inspiration!
  • Competition Queen

    Posted on May 01 2016


    Competition Queen
    There’s nothing like a little competition to really bring out the best in people. Competing in fitness competitions has helped push Thao to live a fit and healthy lifestyle. Some extra benefits? The weight training has not only helped her grow stronger, but has also improved her self-esteem!
  • Forty, Fit and Fabulous

    Posted on April 20 2016

    Forty, Fit and Fabulous
    Think having five kids, a husband, and a busy career mean that you can’t be fit? Think again! See how Melissa took back control over her body and health.
  • No Excuse Single Mom

    Posted on April 12 2016


    No Excuse Single Mom
    You can come up with many excuses of why you can't be in shape after having kids!  But that is not the case for Jenny. She juggles motherhood, a business and fitness...
  • Fit After 40 - Rhonda Seward

    Posted on April 12 2016

    Fit After 40 - Rhonda Seward
    How of you balance life and fitness? You don't. You just do it! When you are getting healthy, it takes effort. Too many people expect it to be easy.
  • Bikini Body After Twins

    Posted on April 01 2016

    Bikini Body After Twins
    If you think you can't have a bikini body after having kids, think again! Shortly after having twins, Dawn took charge of her fitness and participated in a bikini competition with rockin' abs and all!
  • Couples Who Workout Together Stay Together

    Posted on April 01 2016

    Couples Who Workout Together Stay Together
    I am sure you have heard that Couples Who Workout Together Stay Hot Together.  That is the case for Kelly who met her honey (now husband) at the gym and well the rest is history....

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